About me

I put my mind, heart, and presence into whatever I do. That is the only way I know how to live and to work.

I believe a secret to experiencing quality of life is to live Inside Out.

The game is to get yourself together, gather raw materials and alchemically transmute them into your Higher Self.

My materia prima is joy, fun, and flow, with the six senses wide open, tons of books, gratitude, and zest for life. The magic spark is an intact child-like sense of wonder, an ungovernable curiosity, and a seeker spirit. To keep the fire burning, I relentlessly explore my inner landscape, aware of and firmly grounded in my living context.

My commitment is to help people love what they see in the mirror every day. I also help global minded professionals thrive, enhance their performance, and feel great about who they are.

Oh, I also make sure we all remember to enjoy the ride!