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virgoletteElena has a nice and warm personality, a professional Coach who easily builds trust, inspires and supports her Client in a friendly manner. It was a valuable experience for me to have Elena as my Coach. Thanks Elena!
Heru Yuwono Liem – Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Lecturer


Having never had a coach before, when I first started working with Elena I wasn’t sure what to expect.  While I knew the experience would be transformational, I didn’t realize just to what degree.  Elena has been invaluable to my development, both from a personal and professional standpoint. I met Elena at an interesting crossroads in my life full of major transitions including career, personal and environmental. Feeling scattered in thought and focus, Elena was the perfect sounding board for me to discuss life matters and feel comfortable in doing so.  As a true thought provoker, strategist, and motivator, Elena challenged me to explore and ask questions, uncover more about myself and feel more confident.  She helped move me from a stage of inaction to one that took more control over thought, made meaningful connections and took steps to achieve goals.  When trying to deal with so much at once, Elena helped me to break things up into more manageable pieces but also made me realize, and more importantly, celebrate my progress and wins along the way. I loved my morning coaching with Elena as it kept me feeling energized and empowered even after!  A truly remarkable confidant, friend, and guide. Thank you for supporting me on this journey that was full of growth and development.
Azra D. – Project Manager

virgoletteI first met Elena in a business context, and I’ve been immediately impressed by her competence, and the breadth of her professional and personal experience. She inspires trust at first sight. Afterwards, I got to know other aspects of her personality, like her approachability and kindness, the ability to make people feel at ease, and her boundless passion and enthusiasm. I’m always amazed by her ability to share her wide knowledge with spontaneity and respect. Her attitude is radiant, gentle and generous, as well as straightforward, honest and professional. As a Coach, she successfully supported me during a sensitive time of my life, helping me identify the path to achieve my goals. Endowed with patience, poise, dedication and curiosity, she taps into a rich life to support and serve her clients.
G. F. – HR Professional

virgoletteElena is an exceptional coach, and I grew as a person and a professional with her support. She was skilled at noticing my energy shifts and bringing this noticing into our sessions, was non-directive in approach, and offered me observations and choices with delicacy.
Personally, I very much enjoyed the perspective of having a coach from another country. I also appreciated the lightness Elena brought into our sessions, so while we spoke of topics of great importance to me, there was fun too, so at the end of our calls I felt lighter.
I highly recommend Elena as a coach, and I would choose Elena as my coach in the future.
Susan Borutzki – Professional Life Coach, Facilitator

virgoletteElena is first of all a really nice person, and that makes you immediately feel at ease with her. She is also a very intelligent and sharp coach, with the ability to understand, and act on, the inner obstacles that we all have which impede us from exploring our full potential. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who seriously wants to have fun, learn and become a better professional or executive.
Fabio Sgaragli – Open & Social Innovation Manager, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

virgoletteElena is an excellent leadership coach. Her real-life work experiences combined with her coaching education provide her with great perspective. She is professional, trustworthy, and able to effectively hone in on issues and challenges to help you accomplish your goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to strengthen their leadership skills.
Annissa Deshpande – Principal at loglab, LLC

virgoletteElena remarkably balances both task orientation and caring of people. To my eyes her attitude makes her one of the most pleasant and effective person I’ve ever worked with.
Davide Paganoni – Group Director L&D at Groupe Edmond de Rothschild

virgoletteIt is with great confidence that I recommend Elena as a Human Resources professional with an exceptional work ethic and strong interpersonal communication skills. I had the pleasure of working with Elena on a Taproot Service Grant with Communities in Schools–San Fernando Valley. During the project, I relied heavily on Elena’s performance management expertise and organizational skills. Without her knowledge and dedication, we could not have finished the project on time nor met all of the client’s requirements. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and consider her an asset to both my professional and personal network.
Jim O’Gorman – Head of Talent and Organization at Quibi

virgoletteI had the honor of working with Elena as my coach for three months. She demonstrated great listening skills and a clear ability to support my coaching work with open thinking and thoughtful reflection. With the limited time that I was available, she was flexible in offering her time and right on target with her suggestions for my development. I recommend Elena as a business and personal coach.
Mickey Wallis– Senior Training and Organization Development Leader

virgoletteElena is a focused and smart professional, with excellent negotiation and relationship skills. In the opportunities I had to work with her I appreciated her hands-on approach and problem solving attitude, together with her true interest in understanding and helping others.
Mario Bastoni – Deputy Head of Human Resources at Amundi

virgoletteElena is an invaluable coach that everyone would want to work with. She is very committed, helpful, creative, and caring. She comes up with the best questions that you would never think of asking yourself. She has high attentive skills, and pays attention to the details without losing the grasp on the big picture. Elena works like an archeologist who helps you to find out the deepest artifacts and works with patience and care, and coach you through to take them out in order to achieve your goals. It has been a great pleasure working with her.
Behre O. Ozalp – Independent Performing Arts Professional, MFA

virgoletteElena is a person you like to work with. Constructive feedback and ability to think lateral are, in my opinion, her best qualities together with the capacity to well manage a committed and engaged team.
Giovanni Lanati – Head of Group Reward at Generali