Sometimes, people wonder what coaching is.

Imagine a surfer, out there in the water. Just waiting for the perfect wave.

He’s looking around, paying attention to all those details and signs he thinks are important. He watches other surfers, trying to guess their next move. But still, he waits, not sure if he’ll be ready when the moment comes.

He misses the first wave. I have time.

He misses the second wave. It wasn’t good enough.

He misses the third wave. There will be a better one, later.

Right when he starts questioning whether it is really worth it -the aching muscles, the wearing attention, the feeling of going round in circles- a turtle passes by, his peaceful swim a memento of why he wanted to be out there in the first place.

Finally his instinct wins and he starts paddling with all his energy toward a new wave. He gets up on the board, feeling balanced on his feet, the wind on his face, an ancestral beauty surrounding him. Then he smiles, as he realizes he is part of it all.

This is, to me, what coaching is: learning to surf your waves with that smile on your face.


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