“In a world that is constantly changing, there is no one subject or set of subjects that will serve you for the foreseeable future, let alone for the rest of your life. The most important skill to acquire now is learning how to learn.” – John Naisbitt

Tim Gallwey is one of the pioneers of modern coaching, and founder of the Inner Game methodology. I recently stumbled upon an interview he did a few years ago; Despite the passing of time, his words are still spot-on to understand how we learn and develop, tapping into our whole potential.

With a Zen-like simplicity, Tim Gallwey shares his reflections on what coaching is, how it can serve our growth, and what makes it effective.

In coaching there is a shift from teaching to helping learn from experience, getting rid of those inner interferences that come from limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and an excessive focus on the outer dimension of our lives.

Through coaching we cultivate our awareness and self-trust, we rejoice the act of making intentional choices, and we ultimately become better at defining and pursuing our goals.

Watch the video here.