Every coaching engagement is different and unique. Nevertheless, the following steps are always present:

  • Establishing a contract

Where we identify the goals, and decide how to track progress and measure success.

  • Analysis of the current situation

Where we explore and collect data about your “present You”, and what is missing to reach your desired future.

  • Building a Plan

Where we design a map to help you navigate through the things you need to start doing, things you need to stop doing, and things you need to do differently. Inside Out.

  • Execution

Where you become intentional in creating occasions to test and practice your Plan.

  • Closure

A sound Coaching relationship has a beginning and an end, and it doesn’t create dependency. In this last phase we focus on making all your work sustainable and manageable by yourself in the long run. The end goal is be to empower you, so to become your own coach.