“Inspiration gives no warnings” Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Those little pearls

Many years ago, my professional role required frequent visits to my clients: I was on the road almost every week, driving from one city to another. When I was not busy with on-site meetings, I was glued to my phone, dealing about arising issues and finding possible solutions. After the first weeks, my boss gave me an advice: “While travelling and [...]

A Playful Reminder

Doing puzzles makes me happy. It’s a door to a state of flow, mind-wandering, and grounding. It starts with a pile of anonymous pieces and no idea where to start from. I proceed by trial and error, defining strategies, trying them out and adapting or changing if necessary. I learn by doing, while pieces start acquiring a meaning and a [...]


Creativity and innovation are nowadays seen as the keys to thrive in the present, and to crack the code to future success. They are a must-have in every new list of leadership skills published, the Holy Grail organizations crave for, the subject of countless studies and research. For the curious minds, there are plenty of ways to deepen the understanding [...]

The Attention Merchants

“Our life experiences would ultimately amount to whatever we had paid attention to.” – William James The Attention Merchants, written by Tim Wu, is an intense, mind-opening journey, that shows us how the cultivation and commercialization of human attention started long before the recent technological advancements. From newspapers to the radio and television, from advertising to Influencers, from political propaganda [...]

A man and his legacy

“I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.” - Jack O'Neill On June 2 Jack O’Neill, a businessman, a pioneer and a surf legend, died. Tens of thousands of surfers paddled out around the globe to honor his life and legacy, celebrating his passion for the ocean, his desire to understand the [...]

Career transition: It’s OK not to have the answer yet!

Career transition is much more than wanting a new job, a different company to work for, or becoming self-employed. It is a much deeper journey, where we play with possible selves, design and interact with new networks of people, and make sense of what we experience and feel. As in all journeys, a supportive and reliable companion can make all [...]

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